A Day Up At The Gap

March 15, 2011

Did some hiking, shot some falls, ended with a sunset <3


New York Skyline

March 13, 2011

Brisk Sunday night, 3:30am

Popped these off right quick on my way home from a Bat Mitzvah…Over saturated them a bit to give the feeling I got from the crystal clear cold air

Day 2/16

June 16, 2010

Camera was dialed in to expose for the window light.  About a 1/2-1 stop overexposed.  The books reflection in my glasses was extremely difficult to get rid of so I gave up :/…

On-camera 580EX II shot at 105mm directly at a reflector (camera left – for fill and to keep early morning mood).  Off-camera 430EX II on hotshoe stand on windowsill.  Fired directly at camera (for outer body rim lighting – to simulate morning sun – flash was aimed slightly into book to help bounce the light evenly onto my face)

Day 1/16

June 16, 2010

“Go **** Yourself”

430EX II into an umbrella 2 feet over the right subjects head (pointed straight down).  580EX II on camera shot at two reflectors camera left (for fill and hair light) – 580EX II zoomed to 105mm directly at reflectors.

As of late I am equipped with an on-camera 580EX II flash unit that wirelessly trigger an off-camera 430EX II flash unit (weather it be shot into an umbrella or bare – today I had a white sock over it…).  The 430EX II is trigger via the RadioPopper PX system.  I will attempt to create a new image each day from June 15th – June 30th.  Obviously I will be unable to on certain days but I’ll cross that bridge when we get there..

Attended the much raved about Zombie Walk in Asbury Park this year.  Which takes place the first Saturday of October.  There was some amazing makeup being done as well as some amazing photo opportunities.  Needless to say I was there as a photographer disguised as a zombie.  Brought out the 17-40 F4, 35 F1.4, and 85 F1.2… Didnt take the 85 off but maybe twice?  It beat the distracting backgrounds to a pulp (as it should lol).  Im still in the process of editing but I’ll post up some examples now and maybe we’ll see you next year?

If you would like to use any of the images for any type of promotional or commercial purpose just contact me first please…

Well it was announced on the 28th that the dream landscape lens will be released to the public shortly.  I won’t write up a whole synapsis on the lens and the present version compared to the Nikon 14-24 2.8, and Canon 16-35 F2.8L II.  Instead I’ll most likely just provide links to which you can read the same things I’ve read a year+ ago.  There will be enough people out there reviewing this lens before they even have it so check out that info if need be lol…

Some quick points…

  • This new dream come true will boast a whopping 82mm filter (something the Nikon 14-24 2.8 CAN’T DO)
  • Super smooth manual focus (something the Nikon 14-24 2.8 would be on my 5D Mark II anyway)
  • The Zeiss doesn’t shoot 14-20mm or 22-24mm very well now does it ;)
  • Edge to edge performance/overall resolution/and CA control on the Zeiss all make the Canon 17-40 F4L and 16-35 F2.8L look like toys with respect to architectural and landscape purposes  (Many factors taken into account of coarse.  Ability to zoom being one main one.  Also we are talking high end manual focus primes vs. L zooms which is just not fair to begin with?)

What the now first generation 21mm beast has done in the past…


September 26, 2009

Ill post something about fall.  Spots to go shoot, why I like it, what you can do to get a better shot, bring out the color, cut the glare, and balance your exposure but for now…

I cam across this image on my external and thought Id share it.  I love winter, lets skip fall